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Sighs That Your Vehicle's Automatic Transmission Needs Service

The automatic transmission in your car or truck is a critical part of the running gear, and if it starts to act up, you need to have a transmission shop take a look at it. There are some signs that the transmission needs service, and taking the car or truck into the shop as soon as you can is essential.  Shifting Erratically If your transmissions start shifting e

3 Facts To Know About Rust

When dealing with body damage to a car, one of the worst possible outcomes is the development of rust. Rust on vehicles can develop as a result of collision damage, minor scratches, poor water channel design, or long-term exposure to the elements. Once rust damage becomes severe, it can be challenging or even impossible to correct. While rust may not seem like much of

5 Tips For Picking A Truck Parts Supplier

Maintaining truck equipment is a constant battle at many operations, and those companies need to form strong relationships with dependable suppliers. If you're searching for a business that provides truck parts, follow these 5 tips to make the process a tad simpler. Inquire About Shop Discounts Many businesses offer discounts to customers who buy large numbers of truc

Snatch Blocks: 3 Invaluable Ways These Pulleys Can Aid 4X4 Recovery

Snatch blocks are a very useful piece of equipment for your 4x4 recovery kit. They're simple devices — they're just pulleys that open up so you can easily run your winch cable through them. However, the creative use of snatch blocks could allow you to redirect the angle of your pull or double your winch's pulling capacity. If you're unfamiliar with them, read on to le

Be Very Specific When Requesting Roadside Assistance: Why This Is So Important

Roadside assistance offered via your motorist's club is an excellent benefit to have. It comes in handy for all those times when you are in an accident, your car breaks down, you get a flat tire, etc. However, you really do need to be very specific when requesting roadside service. Here is why.  Some Motorist Clubs Will Just Send a Portable Jumpstarter and Someon