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Sighs That Your Vehicle's Automatic Transmission Needs Service

The automatic transmission in your car or truck is a critical part of the running gear, and if it starts to act up, you need to have a transmission shop take a look at it. There are some signs that the transmission needs service, and taking the car or truck into the shop as soon as you can is essential. 

Shifting Erratically

If your transmissions start shifting erratically or will not go into gear when you put it in drive or reverse, you need a transmission shop to troubleshoot the problems for you. A transmission that will not shift or is shifting when it shouldn't could have a dirty transmission filter and changing the filter and the oil may fix the issue.

If the filter is not the issue, there are clutch bands and gears inside the transmission that can be a problem and need to be replaced. These parts are not something you can change at home. The transmission shop will need to remove the transmission from the vehicle and take it apart to replace the parts for you.

Leaking Transmission Oil

If you see red oil on the ground where you park your vehicle, you may have a leak from the transmission, the cooling lines for the transmission fluid, or some other part of the system. A leaking transmission will eventually run low enough that the components inside the transmission will not get the lubrication they need and can heat up, further degrading the oil and causing damage to the transmission.

Take the car or truck to the transmission shop and have the tech inspect the system for leaks. Putting sealers and other chemicals into the transmission to try and stop the leak is never a good idea because it can cause more damage. The tech will find the leak and let you know what the best course of action is. If it is a seal or gasket, the transmission shop can fix that quickly and easily and get you back on the road.

Slipping Transmission

If the oil level in the transmission drops too low, the system's pressure can decrease, and the valve body and the clutches in the transmission will not operate properly. The result is often transmission that slips when you are trying to accelerate. 

If the transmission slips and then suddenly snaps into gear when you give it gas, check the transmission oil level or take the car to a transmission shop and have them check it for you. Many times adding oil is all that is needed, but if filling it does not fix the problem, your local transmission shop will need to troubleshoot the problem.

For more information, speak with the staff at a transmission shop