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Need A Tow But It Isn't In Your Budget? Find Out These Practical Towing Options

If your vehicle broke down in a parking lot and you need to find a tow but these expenses aren't in your budget, it's important to take your time to save money on the towing expenses. The first thing to do is talk with the owner of the parking lot and let them know that you have a broken-down vehicle and you are making arrangements for it.

If you don't let them know, they may have the vehicle towed, and then you have to pay for the tow and the impound cost. Act quickly and do the following so you can get the vehicle moved.

Call and Get Costs

Often when you need a tow you are in a hurry, but it's worth calling around to compare rates. A company that isn't busy may lower their price to get your business, or you may call one company to find out that you get a discount if you are a veteran, a first responder, or with another association that they recognize. Get estimates so you can save money on the tow.

Inquire About Coupons

Ask the tow company if they have coupons on their website, in a local coupon pack that goes out in the mail, or even on the back of grocery receipts at local stores. This may be a fast and easy way to save a percentage on the cost of the tow.

Call Your Auto Insurance Provider

Verify with your insurance provider that you don't have towing coverage. You may find that you have the coverage and you didn't know, or the insurance company may allow you to upgrade to a policy with coverage for a small increase in your plan payment. This can help you save money instantly.

Ask the Name of the Driver and Vehicle Description

You want to protect yourself and your vehicle. After you make the call, ask the dispatcher who your towing professional is and what the truck looks like. The vehicle should be marked with the name of the towing company. When the towing company arrives at your vehicle, be sure to ask the driver what their name is and verify that it's the right tow truck.

A broken-down vehicle can be expensive to repair, but you should save on the tow if you can. Call the different towing services to find out what is the most affordable and practical option, including Green's Towing & Auto Repair Inc.